This is a typical list that you will find all over the web. In every country you have crowdy tourist spots that everybody visits and it goes without saying that everything on my list is just like that.


1. Visit the golden circle

Though this might be a crowded route it is crowded for a reason. It is easily accessible in a rental car and is only an hour´s drive from Reykjavik.You can also just hop on a bus and join one of the many trips we offer to experience these Iceland wonders.  Visit Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir geothermal area and Thingvellir national park in one day! Book your day tour here!  


2. Visit the blue lagoon

Another crowded spot! Nowadays you even have to book in advance but still it‘s worth the effort. Bath in amazing blue color geothermal water that is believed to help people fight skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. In recent years this has become a pretty expensive visit but the luxury has also increased. You can have an excellent dinner in the restaurant and even order beer into the lagoon to cool down. If you are in the mood to splurge you can even have a massage while floating in the warm water. If you get a rental car from Keflavík airport you can stop on your way to Reykjavík but remember to book before you arrive. You can book here.

Blue Lagoon

3. Go on a glacier

Not many countries in the world have such an easy access to giant glaciers with all their wonders. Skaftafell park is a magical place where you can find everything from hiking on a glacier to taking a helicopter to the top of one! In the area you have access to Europe's biggest glacier Vatnajökull, which covers over 8% of the country! Book your heli tour here!  


​​​                                                        Or inside one!

Ice Cave

4. See the northern lights

Withoud a doubt Iceland is one of the best places on earth to see the northern lights. The best place to spot them is outside of the city where there aren´t many street lights but if you are on a short trip to the city the best place to see them is probaply near the old lighthouse at Seltjarnarnes.

Northern Lights

5. Visit Snæfellsnes peninsula

Only 2 hours drive from Reykjavík you have a place that has all the best Iceland has to offer. If you are only spending a couple of days in Iceland this is the place to visit to experience Iceland and all it´s wonders. Snæfellsjökull is one of Icelands most beautiful glacier and sits on the end of the peninsula and looms over all the area. Beaches, birds, seals, waterfalls, cliffs and charming fishing villages are examples of what you will find in Snæfellsnes. It´s easy to navigate around the area yourself but if you prefer having a guide and going on a bus book your trip with us now! Book your day tour here!