Kerlingarfjöll Day Pass: Kjölur Highland bus from Reykjavík

Kerlingarfjöll is an adventure heaven in the Iceland travel culture! It's a paradise of wilderness that invites you to experience the mightiness of this mountain range. Answer the call of Kerlingarfjöll and join this tour now!

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Answer The Call Of Kerlingarfjöll!

Kerlingarfjöll, which merges the Icelandic word 'Kerling' (meaning old lady) with 'fjöll' (mountains), is known for its mythical female troll. Legend claims that when the sun rose one morning in this area, it transformed her into solid rock - and to this day, you can still see her stone pillar from certain hiking trails! How mysteriously incredible is that? Now, the stories draw thousands of visitors each year. It is your time now!

Blanketing the middle of Iceland, you'll find an otherworldly landscape in its highlands: a 10,000-year-old mountain range that was created by volcanic activity. Set amidst these ethereal rhyolite mountains are multicolored hot springs whose hues paint the ground with reddish tones and verdant greens. This is Kerlingarfjöll—a barren yet breathtakingly beautiful place far from civilization.

This area is a mesmerizing display of jagged peaks and sharp edges that are resilient to the erosive force of Mother Nature due to their age. Additionally, this cluster showcases geothermal spots that are amongst Iceland's most prominent ones. These spots are visited year-round!

This tour is operated by one of the leading services in Iceland. Professional staff will coordinate your schedule well in time. Next, a professionally trained driver will take you on your day trip.

Kerlingarfjöll Day Pass Tour Itinerary

The Kerlingarfjöll Day Pass Tour is designed to provide you with the best immersive experience of Kerlingarfjöll. Join us for a magical adventure from Reykjavik and let yourself be transported in its grandeur!

Your day begins at 8:00 AM, as you leave from Reykjavik Terminal Skógarhlíð 10 for Kerlingarfjöll on a comfortable bus. Your tour guide will then take you through the Kjölur Highland Transfer, winding through the captivating Icelandic countryside, before arriving at Kerlingarfjöll.

Our stop at Kerlingarfjöll will be of 4 hours. Once at Kerlingarfjöll, you will have an entire day to explore this stunning wonderland. You have the freedom to choose either short or long hikes, as well as explore the hot springs.

You can also rest in the mountain huts. Later in the afternoon, you will make your way back to Reykjavik, arriving around 8 PM.

So don’t wait any longer! Kerlingarfjöll awaits you for an epic day-long exploration! Book now and answer the call of Kerlingarfjöll!


  • Round-trip transfer
  • Free wifi onboard
  • Reliable and comfortable coaches

Good To Know

  • Your tour voucher includes the departure time for your pick-up from any of our designated bus stops, and this should be 30 minutes prior to when your adventure officially begins.
  • Bus stops feature restrooms, making a convenient break spot for travelers.


What Is The Best Time For This Tour?

The Kerlingarfjöll Day Pass Tour runs all year round. The best time of the year to visit Kerlingarfjöll is during summer especially mid-June when the days are longer and the weather is warmer.

Are There Any Age Restrictions?

No age restrictions apply for this tour. However, please be advised that Kerlingarfjöll is an outdoor-oriented tour so all participants should be able to handle long hikes.

Are There Any Special Dress Requirements?

Yes, Kerlingarfjöll requires that all participants wear comfortable hiking shoes and warm clothing in layers. In addition, please bring a hat, sunglasses, and other accessories for protection against the elements.

What Is Kerlingarfjöll Known For?

Kerlingarfjöll is renowned for its volcanic geography and geothermal features, like hot springs and steam vents. It’s also known for the legend of Kerling – a troll turned to stone when she saw the morning sun. The mountain range is also a popular skiing destination during the winter.

Are There Restrooms On The Bus?

No, there are no restrooms on board the bus but each bus stop features a restroom. We kindly ask that you take breaks when needed in order to ensure comfort and safety for all passengers.

Do I Need To Bring Anything With Me?

Yes, please be sure to bring a valid identification card with you on the day of your tour. Additionally, we recommend bringing a backpack containing comfortable shoes and clothing for Kerlingarfjöll. Lastly, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats for protection against the elements.

Can I Bring Food On The Bus?

Yes, you are welcome to bring food and drinks on the bus but we kindly ask that you help keep the seating area tidy. Additionally, please note that alcohol is not allowed onboard the bus.

Do You Provide Food On The Tour?

No, we do not provide food on the Kerlingarfjöll Day Pass Tour. However, there are plenty of restaurants in Reykjavík that you can visit before or after your tour.

Are There Any Additional Fees?

No, all costs for the Kerlingarfjöll Day Pass Tour are included in the price of your tour ticket.

Are There Any Safety Regulations?

Yes, Kerlingarfjöll has safety regulations that all participants must adhere to in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Please listen carefully to the instructions given by the team.

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