Pure Lite Pass: Your Access to the Sky Lagoon in Iceland

The Pure Lite Pass offers affordable access to Sky Lagoon, Reykjavik's only hot spring spa, nestled in a tranquil cove surrounded by lava rock. This pass allows you to bathe in the revitalizing geothermal waters, use public changing facilities, and provides a towel. The lagoon, located in Kopavogur within the Greater Reykjavik Area, offers stunning views of the ocean and the potential for mesmerizing experiences, such as bathing under the Northern Lights in winter or the midnight sun in summer.

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Immerse yourself in the soothing geothermal waters of Sky Lagoon, Reykjavik's only hot spring spa, with our Pure Lite Pass. This entrance ticket is designed for those who want to experience the sheer luxury of our geothermal spa without the need for additional spa rituals or private changing rooms.

Located in a quiet cove on the shores of Reykjavik, Sky Lagoon is a magical place sheltered by stunning walls of lava rock. Overlooking the ocean and boasting a waterfall and cave on-site, it exudes an otherworldly and tranquil ambiance. The geothermal waters, heated to the perfect bathing temperature, provide an incredibly revitalizing experience, further enhanced by the fresh sea winds that add to your sense of escape in nature.

With the Pure Lite Pass, you have unlimited access to the Sky Lagoon's pools. Feel free to indulge in its therapeutic waters to your heart's content. The pass also grants you full use of our regularly maintained public changing facilities, ensuring your comfort and convenience during your visit. A complimentary towel is also included.

Sky Lagoon is located in Kopavogur, a town within the Greater Reykjavik Area, and is just a 15-minute drive away. If taking a public bus, you can reach Sky Lagoon within an hour, and if you prefer to walk, it's an hour and a half away. Regardless of the season, Sky Lagoon offers a unique experience. In winter, you can use your pass in the evening in hopes of witnessing the mesmerizing Northern Lights dance over the Atlantic as you bathe. If you're visiting in the summer, you may have the chance to enter the waters under the mystical light of the midnight sun.

The Pure Lite Pass is available all year round, with a minimum age requirement of 12 years. The duration of this experience is approximately 2 hours, providing plenty of time to unwind and rejuvenate. Don't miss this affordable opportunity to experience the therapeutic luxury of the Sky Lagoon with the Pure Lite Pass.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pure Lite Pass and Sky Lagoon

Q1: What does the Pure Lite Pass include?

A: The Pure Lite Pass includes admission to the Sky Lagoon, use of the public changing facilities, and a towel.

Q2: Where is the Sky Lagoon located?

A: Sky Lagoon is located in Kopavogur, a town within the Greater Reykjavik Area of Iceland.

Q3: How can I reach Sky Lagoon?

A: Sky Lagoon is easy to access by car and takes just 15 minutes to reach from Reykjavik. If you're taking a public bus, you can get there within an hour. If you prefer walking, it's an hour and a half away.

Q4: What is the minimum age requirement to enter Sky Lagoon?

A: The minimum age to enter Sky Lagoon is 12 years old.

Q5: How long can I stay at Sky Lagoon with a Pure Lite Pass?

A: The Pure Lite Pass allows for approximately 2 hours of time in the Sky Lagoon.

Q6: What can I expect from my visit to the Sky Lagoon?

A: Sky Lagoon is a tranquil hot spring spa overlooking the ocean. It offers a revitalizing experience with its geothermal waters heated to the perfect bathing temperature. Depending on the season, you might also witness the Northern Lights or the midnight sun while bathing.

Q7: Can I visit Sky Lagoon all year round?

A: Yes, Sky Lagoon is open all year round, and the Pure Lite Pass is available for purchase during all seasons.

Q8: What additional facilities does Sky Lagoon offer?

A: Besides the geothermal pool, Sky Lagoon also boasts a waterfall and a cave on-site. However, please note that the Pure Lite Pass does not include additional experiences like the spa ritual or private changing rooms.

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