A hidden gem in the Golden Circle

Kerið is a volcanic crater lake located in the Grímsnes area in South Iceland, along the famous Golden Circle route. A hour and half drive from Reykjavik, this is a truly wonderful treasure to seek out while your in the area. The crater is along road 35 from Selfoss to Geysir. A very easy walk from the parking area takes you around the top rim / edge of the crater with good views towards the surrounding areas. The path continues and you can follow the path and a few steps down to the crater, and is good for all skill levels.

Visitors can walk around the edge of the crater or hike up to the top for a better view. There is also a small visitor center at the bottom of the crater with information about Kerið and its history while overlooking the lake at the base of the crater..

This crater is about three thousand years old, which is roughly half the age of typical volcanic calderas in Iceland. This is the primary reason Keri's slopes are red rather than volcanic black; the iron deposits are, geologically speaking, new. This location is assumed to have originated when the magma in the core simply exhausted itself, resulting in the cave-in of the empty chamber beneath.

So, what is the significance of the lake in Kerið?

It's actually quite an easy explanation. The rainfall has filled the crater with water throughout time. Rain and melting snow provide the water, which eventually forms a tiny lake. Keri crater's lake is relatively shallow, reaching depths of only about 10 meters (33 feet). It is, nevertheless, a breathtaking sight to behold. The water is incredibly pure, and the crater walls are a stunning deep red.

Though this is an inactive volcano - it is safe to swim in the lake, but not highly recommended as the temperatures even in the summer months are freezing and no active staff is on site to life guard the area. So the signs in the are do not permit swimming, so do not take the risk.

The entry price is 400 ISK (about £2.50, $3.20, or EUR2)

The entry charge can be paid with a credit card, and children under the age of 12 are free to see Kerid crater.

Stay safe. Keep the environment clean. And explore the volcano crater!