Snæfellsnes peninsula has all the best Iceland has to offer and you could drive the peninsula in a one day road trip or spend a week exploring every part of it. Whatever you do, don't skip this amazing part of Iceland.  


Only 2 hours away from Icelands capital, Reykjavík, Snæfellsnes is an excellent get away for people visiting Iceland for a couple of days or a great way to start a longer trip around Iceland. Although I recommend that you spend longer time there I started my 2 week journey around Iceland this summer with a trip to Snæfellsnes and managed to see a lot in only one long and adventerous day.  


The best thing about Snæfellsnes is how idiot proof it is to explore it. It's best to start your way on the south side of the peninsula and simply following the road all around Snæfellsjökull and end your trip in the lovely town of Stykkishólmur. Driving north from Reykjavík you just follow the signs to Stykkishólmur but make sure that you keep driving forward when you get to this intersection since you want to make your way all around the peninsula before arriving in Stykkishólmur.  


I'll try to point out the highlights on the way but Snæfellsnes has so much to offer so this list will never include everything you can see or do but I hope this will help you on your way around Snæfellsnes :)  


Simply driving around Snæfellsnes is an experience by itself so try to enjoy the scenery if you are a passenger in the car. The thing about Snæfellsnes is that at some point on your drive you are going to want to stop and enjoy an extraordinary view, or to see a waterfall that suddenly appears in the mountains or to take pictures of a charming church that seems to be built in the middle of nowhere.  


The first mandatory stop is Ytri Tunga. This is something I always do when I make my way up to Snæfellsnes. Not only is it always fun to watch the seals play on the beach but the whole area has stunning 360° views. There are not many places where you have a view over a white sand beach with a seal sitting on a rock and a graceful glacier in the backround!  

Snæfellsnes view

Next stop is likely to be Arnarstapi. A place crawled with diverse bird life, stunning cliffs and breathtaking views. If you have the time I would also recommend stopping at Búðir on your way there.  


From Arnarstapi your next stop could be Hellnar an old fishing village that has its own charm and beautiful views. If you don't have the time to stop there simply make your way straight to Vatnshellir. This is a must when you visit Snæfellsnes since you go deep into the ground close to the glacier! You can book your cave explore here.  

Vatnshellir stairs! One of two that you take to get deep into the ground!

After your visit in the cave keep driving along the peninsula and stop at everything that seems interesting! Tourist highlights are clearly marked nowadays so don't worry about missing something. Stop in the towns on your way and take a short walk around. I will end this blog with a list of highlights that you can check out so you can pick what suits your interests best!  

Snæfellsnes Highlights


Until next time! :)