Kerid Volcanic Crater Lake is the "Eye of the World". Visit Kerið Crater Lake and witness the surreal mirroring of the sky in the lake. It surely feels like a portal to a new world. All you need is a tour by Golden Circle Day Tours.

Come, step inside the eye of the world, and explore Kerið Volcanic Crater Lake. This stunning Icelandic wonder is a volcanic crater filled with sapphire-blue water that you can admire from any angle.

Whether you're looking for a leisurely exploration or something more challenging like rocky trails and breathtaking landscapes, Kerid Crater Lake has it all inviting visitors to come to explore this majestic wonderland.

So if you're ready to delve into Mother Nature's stronghold of incredible views - read our quick guide right here!

About Kerid Volcanic Crater Lake

Situated in the Grímsnes region of south Iceland, Kerið Crater is a spectacular volcanic crater that will amaze all who add it to their Golden Circle Route itinerary.

It is part of a bigger region named the Tjarnarholar Crater Complex. It comprises several volcanic craters. Plus, there are many other crater lakes in the region. However, the Kerid Crater Lake is the most famous one. All these lakes fall into the Western Volcanic Zone of Iceland.

Visitors can easily explore this captivating landscape and be left in awe by its stunning natural beauty. A worthwhile detour, just off the highway awaits - it is the Kerid Crater! This volcanic crater of 3000 years is home to a stunning lake at its bottom.

Kerið Crater lake's water is shallow and can range from 7 to 14 meters deep. Rainfall and other environmental elements can affect the depth of the lake, but it mostly comes from groundwater.

The water at the bottom of this mesmerizing crater solidly follows its respective water table for a spellbinding opaque color made up of minerals found in that type of soil.

Where Is Kerid Crater Located?

Kerið Crater Lake is located in the Grímsnes Area of South Iceland along the Golden Circle Route.

How Was Kerid Crater Created?

Kerið Crater is believed to have been a cone-shaped volcano that once spewed its magma reserve in a magnificent eruption thousands of years ago. After that, the empty magma chamber caused it to collapse inward, leaving behind an impressive caldera.

Surrounded by an awe-inspiring landscape of reddish and black volcanic rock, the Kerið Crater Caldera stands imposingly in central Iceland. At 180 feet deep and 885 feet long, this impressive oval crater spans 560 feet across its width.

The walls of the crater are incredibly steep with little vegetation. However, one wall is slightly more gradual in incline and blanketed with lush moss. This gentle slope is where steps have been carved out to descend into the lake below.

What To Do At The Kerid?

Generally, there isn't much to do at the Kerid Crater. As you reach Kerid, there is a big parking lot. You can easily park your vehicle there without any fee. Next, there is an information board (As shown below) that briefs about the history of the Kerid Crater.

Next, you will have to purchase an entry ticket from the booth.

You can go the trail and descend down to the lake for a closer view.

We highly recommend visiting Kerid after checking for any little concert or music festival scheduled. Small concerts are often organized by the Kerid.

How To Get To Kerid Crater?

Located just 15 kilometers (around 9 miles) away from Selfoss in Golden Circle, you'll find Kerið conveniently located right next to Route 35.

In approximately 55 minutes, you can make the journey from Reykjavík to Kerið crater by following Route 1 (Þjóðvegur 1) and turning left onto Biskupstungnabraut after 45 minutes.

From that point on, it's only a 10-minute drive of 13 km until you reach your destination, the Kerid Crater, right on the Golden Circle Route.

Is There Any Entrance Fee Or Parking Fee At Kerid Crater?

Yes! There is a small entrance fee at the crater. However, there is no car park fee at the crater.

You will have to pay ISK 400 (Approx. $2.8) per person to visit the crater. The good thing is that entry for children under age 12 is free.

There is a fee because it is located on private property. The responsibility of maintaining the area rests with the landowner. The fee collected goes towards maintaining and preserving this path, supplying visitors with important information about their journey as well as safeguarding the surrounding environment.

Kerid Crater Opening Hours

Crater opening hours are:

  1. June to August: 8:30 AM to 9:30 PM
  2. May to September: Only Daylight Hours

Best Season For Visiting Kerid Crater

We highly recommend visiting Kerid in the warm season. During the balmy Summer months, Kerid's natural beauty truly shines through with its vivid rock formations and greenery that line the pool.

Yet in Winter, while still captivating, navigating to it can prove treacherous as icy conditions make for a dangerous walk down into the crater. Though picturesque under a blanket of snow; slippery surfaces are not worth any risk. So if visiting during colder periods be sure to take extra caution!

Safety At Kerid

It is important to take safety precautions when visiting the Kerid crater. The walk down into the crater can be steep and slippery, especially in wet or icy conditions. Be sure to wear sturdy, non-slip shoes as you make your way down into the crater. If you are visiting in the Winter, do not walk on ice.

Also, note that Kerið does not have an official lookout point. So please be aware that the sides of Kerið crater can be unstable and that rocks may break off under your feet. It is best to stay away from the edges and not try to climb up the walls of Kerið.

In addition, swimming in Kerid's lake is strictly forbidden due to its dangerously cold temperatures.

Kerið is an incredible site, so following these safety tips will help ensure a safe and enjoyable journey!

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Can You Swin In The Kerid Lake?

No, swimming in Kerið's lake is strictly forbidden,

Is Kerid Accessible For People With Disabilities?

People with disabilities can see the Kerid. However, the trail and lake are not accessible for te ones with disabilities.

Is There Any Restaurant At The Kerid?

No. There is no restaurant at the Kerid

What Is The Best Time To Visit Kerid?

Summer is the best time to visit Kerid.

Are There Any Restrooms At The Kerid?

No. There are no restrooms at the Kerid.