With more tourists pouring into the country every year we need to make sure that those tourists have something to do and see in our capital, Reykjavík. One of the bigger projects we've seen is the Whale museum "Whales of Iceland" located just outside the city central. Me, my girlfriend and our 6 month old son decided to check it out last Monday and I have to say that overall it was a very pleasant experience. With more then 100.000 visitors in 2016 they must be doing something right.

Iceland Whale Watching


Only 15 minutes walking from the pond in Reykjavík or 30 minutes from Hallgrímskirkja. You can also use public transportation.

Whales Iceland

Entrance fee

I think the price is fair especially for families. If you are traveling in bigger groups contact them for group discounts

  • 2.900 ISK for an adult  
  • Children 7-15 years 1.500 ISK  
  • Senior Citizens 2.000 ISK  
  • Families (2 adults & 2 children) pay 5.900 ISK total.  


  • Excellent Location.  
  • Good excess for disabled people and families. I went with a baby carriage and had no problems covering the whole museum.  
  • Free coffee and tee at the end of exhibit.  
  • Giant 23 life size whale models! Kind of awesome!  
  • Always trying to improve the guests experience. I talked to the staff and new exciting things are being added to the experience frequently.  
  • Excellent staff.
Whales of Iceland


  • One screen was not working while we were there.  
  • In my opinion they might add more screens and a more visual show. Bigger screens!  
  • Kind of small for a whale museum but they are working on making it bigger.  


Totally worth a visit and something everyone that plans to go whale watching in Iceland should do. So why not book a ticket now and book a whale watching tour from Reykjavík harbor the same day. What a perfect day that would be!. It's much more fun to go whale watching when you know a little bit more about the giant animals you see.

Whale Watching Reykjavík