Welcome to the Golden Waterfall

This waterfall is one of the main attractions and the location which gives its name to the Golden Circle.

Located on Route 35m

in the Southwest of Iceland.

Gullfoss and its surroundings were declared a natural reserve in 1979. This reserve is overseen by Iceland's Environment Agency, and the waterfall was therefore permanently protected, and the public was able to enjoy this special spot.  The environment of the region is preserved, and the vegetation is unaffected. Human disturbance is minimized, man-made constructions are kept to a minimum, and the land and geological formations are not disturbed.

In volume, Gullfoss is the largest waterfall in Europe. The vast Hvtá river, which flows from Langjökull, Iceland's second-largest glacier, feeds Gullfoss. It is made up of two tiers of falls that stand together at a total height of 105 feet (32 m). The top tier falls are 36 feet tall, while the lower tier falls are 69 feet tall. During the summer, the average water flow is roughly 49,441 ft3/s, whereas during the winter, it is only 2,825 ft3/s.

Now as there is minimum barriers no one should underestimate the dangers of this locations. This should be taken extremely serious. This walkway to the lower pathway and the waterfall boulder is available to the public throughout the summer, spring, and autumn seasons. During the winter, the local preserve rangers will restrict this trail to prevent mishaps on an already slick path.

The Golden Waterfall provides an incredible scene in every season of the year.