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The Blue Lagoon is one of Iceland’s most popular tourist destinations. It is a geothermal spa located in a lava field in the southwest part of the country. The lagoon is situated between Reykjavik and Keflavik International Airport, making it the perfect stop for travelers who are looking to relax after a long flight or before their journey home.

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The Blue Lagoon— Iceland’s Most Famous Hot Spring

Why Visit?

The Blue Lagoon is famous for its therapeutic properties and stunning setting. The waters of the lagoon are rich in minerals such as silica and sulfur, which are said to have healing properties. In addition, the lagoon’s natural blue color is created by sunlight reflecting off of the silica in the water.

What to Expect

When you arrive at the lagoon, you will be given a wristband that will give you access to all of the amenities on site. These amenities include locker rooms, showers, and outdoor pools. You can also rent towels and swimsuits if you did not bring your own.

The lagoon has two main areas—the “quiet” area and the “main” area. The quiet area is reserved for those who want to relax and soak up the peaceful atmosphere without music or other distractions. The main area is where you will find the bar, restaurant, and massage services.

Tips for Your Visit

To make the most of your visit to the Blue Lagoon, be sure to follow these tips:

1) Arrive early or late in the day to avoid crowds

2) Bring your own towel and swimsuit to save money

3) Apply sunscreen regularly—the sun reflects off of the water and can cause sunburns

4) Pack a lunch or snack if you plan on spending a full day at the lagoon

5) Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

The Blue Lagoon is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Iceland. Its therapeutic waters and stunning setting make it an unforgettable experience. By following our tips, you can ensure that your visit is relaxing and enjoyable.

Blue Lagoon entrance fees are not included in the price. In order to secure a spot in the lagoon, you must book in advance. If you don't wait, you may not be able to enter the lagoon. Admission fees can be booked at Admission to the Blue Lagoon must be booked in advance.

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