Golden Circle and Sky Lagoon Iceland

Experience the ultimate Iceland experience with this breathtaking tour that will take you through its staggering raw beauty. Your journey ends in an indulgent soak of Sky Lagoon, where water meets sky and earth are joined together as one pool for conservation between two worlds - land & sea!

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A Historical & Geological Wonder
Þingvellir National Park is a historical and geological wonder located between two continents. Ancient definitive rocks date back to when they were first pushed below the Earth's surface. UNESCO has designated this park as a heritage site due to its significance with regards not only to Icelandic culture but also to international politics - it was here where all leaders would meet before making decisions which could change society forever!

An Awe-Inspiring Waterfall
There are many paths you can take when visiting the Gullfoss waterfall. If it's your first time at this picturesque location, our tour guide will provide extra time for exploring and taking photos from all angles before continuing on towards Geysir village!

Bubbling with Excitement
You can’t visit Iceland without seeing the iconic Geysir. This hot spring area is an impressive collage of bubbling mud pools and hissing steam vents, with colorful algae deposits dotting its landscape here and there for good measure! The Strokkur geyser constantly blasts boiling water high into one massive plume every few minutes as if to say “I exist too!"

The Sky Lagoon
The Sky Lagoon is an incredible thermal spa where the ocean meets sky at its edge. It’s based on using nature's best from Iceland, beauty and wonder that can be found within it - all while being warm enough for relaxation both mind-body AND soul!

7-Step Ritual

  1. Start by settling in and relax at the lagoon and breathe in the fresh Icelandic air .
  2. It’s time for the glacier cold pool for only the bravest, leaving you with increased blood flow and tighter skin as well as a natural high!
  3. Visit the sauna and it’s breathtaking view.
  4. Balance the heat by going slowly through the cold fog-mist space by taking a deep breath and refresh your senses.
  5. Apply the signature Sky Body Scrub for a glowing skin.
  6. Step into the steam and allow the moist to maximize the hydrating benefits of the body scrub.
  7. Enjoy the moment in a pure gentle shower and feel the result of the ritual.

Sky Lagoon Features
The Sky Lagoon opened in May 2021 and offers a state of the art locker rooms, showers, and changing facilities, as well as a bar and restaurant area. After 2 hours of enjoying the Sky Lagoon’s miraculous waters, a return transfer is waiting for you, rejuvenated and refreshed.

An Experience for the Mind, Body & Soul
While anyone of these stops makes incredible images for your Instagram feed, they also all have rich histories and fascinating tales, each told with their nuances by our knowledgeable guides. Touring the Golden Circle and soaking in the Sky Lagoon is an unforgettable way to experience Iceland’s natural wonders for your body, mind, and soul.

Please note

Children under the age of 12 are not allowed on this tour

Swimsuit at Sky Lagoon (can be rented on site)

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