Inside The Volcano

Ever wondered what a volcano looks like on the inside? This unique volcano tour takes you literally inside a dormant volcano, through the top crater and to the bottom of its magma chamber, once filled with steaming hot lava.

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Deep Inside Thrihnukagigur Volcano - An Unbelievable Adventure!

Opening Lead: Delve deep inside the dormant Thrihnukagigur Volcano. A volcano that has been silent for the past 4 millenniums. How mysteriously wonderful is that! Have an unforgettable experience of a lifetime on a day tour.

"Inside A Deep-Sleeping Volcano" Tour!

Thrihnukagigur translates to "Three Peaks Crater" and is located in the lava fields near Reykjavik. Thrihnukagigur Dormant Volcano has been sleeping deep for the past 4000 years. With a magnanimous magma chamber, it remains a wonder and mystery at the same time. Did you know that it is big enough to fit the Statue of Liberty in it? That's just one of the jaw-dropping facts about this wonder of Mother Earth.

It's time for you to explore the rest of its secrets yourself. Inside The Volcano, this adventure provides an opportunity for you to experience this natural wonder in its entirety. Step into the mouth of the volcano, rappel down 120 meters, and explore the inside of a sleeping Volcano. 

As you descend deeper, you will find that its glory lies inside. Inside the Volcano, you will witness the magma chamber and lava passages that once blazed now rest silently cool. The ground space is equivalent to a whopping three basketball courts, and the center cavity is huge.

Deep Inside The Dormant Volcano Tour Itinerary

This tour enjoys a good reputation in Iceland. As it follows all the safety protocols and provides exceptional customer satisfaction. On this day tour, you will experience the natural beauty of Iceland's prominent lava field and especially the actual volcano inside.

Your journey will begin at Reykjavik. The entire tour will be executed under the supervision of an expert tour guide. You will first safely reach the Volcano base site, which is a good meeting point for travelers. Up next, you will be briefed about the tour, safety precautions, and necessary knowledge. You will be provided with safety gear if required.

Now, the real adventure begins! With the help of a reliable open elevator system, we will descend into the dormant volcano. After that, it is a sight to behold!

After this once-in-a-lifetime experience, we will return to the base site. You can enjoy some delicious Icelandic meat soup and enjoy the serenity.


  • Round-Trip transportation
  • Completed tour coordination in English
  • Professionally trained and experienced guides
  • Reliable vehicles
  • Safety Equipment i.e. helmets and harness


  • Even if you don't have any experience in hiking or climbing, this trek is perfect for you. It's not a taxing uphill journey; however, the terrain might be uneven at times.
  • Be sure to dress appropriately for your outdoor adventure by wearing suitable hiking and walking apparel as jeans and trainers are not adequate.
  • Partners are proud to present a portion of this tour!
  • For the best experience on our tour, we suggest wearing hiking boots or sturdy shoes since you can expect rocky and potentially muddy terrain. This will help keep your feet safe even if it rains!


What Is The Minimum Age For This "Inside The Volcano" Tour?

The minimum age for this tour is 10 years. The children must know or be able to hike and walk.

Do I Need To Have Any Previous Outdoor Experience?

No, you do not need any previous outdoor experience to join this tour. You will be briefed on safety protocols and necessary knowledge before the start of the trip.

What Type Of Clothing Should I Wear On The Tour?

It is essential to wear appropriate outdoor clothing that can keep you warm and dry. We recommend wearing hiking boots, trousers, long sleeve top, and a jacket. Also, don’t forget to bring an extra layer of clothing just in case the weather changes unexpectedly.

Are There Any Extra Costs On This Inside?

No, the inside of this volcano trip is all-inclusive and doesn’t require any extra costs. All the necessary equipment and transportation to the base camp are provided in the tour price.

Is There Any Safety Insurance Required For This Tour?

No, safety insurance is not required. However, clients are required to sign a liability waiver form prior to the start of the tour.

Can We Visit Other Volcanos In This Tour?

No, the Inside of The Volcano Tour is designed to explore only inside the sleeping volcano. Clients cannot visit other volcanoes on this day tour.

How Long It Will Take To Reach The Bottom Of The Volcano?

It takes around 15 minutes to reach the bottom of the volcano. You will also have ample time to explore the natural beauty and take photographs.

Is There Any Magma In The Volcano?

No, the Volcano trip visits an inactive volcano and there is no magma present or flowing inside.

Is This Tour Suitable For Families?

Yes, Inside The Volcano Trip is suitable for all families with children over 10 years of age. All safety protocols and precautions will be followed throughout the tour.

Is It Allowed To Take Camera Or Fiming Equipment Inside?

Yes, it is allowed to take cameras or filming equipment inside the volcano. We recommend bringing a headlamp if you plan on taking pictures as it will be dark in some sections of the tour.

Are There Any Restrooms Inside The Inactive Volcano?

No, there are no restrooms available inside the dormant sleeping volcano. However, our guides will inform you about the nearest restroom before entering the volcano.

Do You Provide Any Refreshments In The Volcano?

Unfortunately, no refreshment is provided in the volcano. We recommend bringing your own snacks and water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during the tour.

Is There Any Mobile Network In The Volcano?

No, there is no mobile network in the volcano. We recommend turning off your cell phones before entering the inactive sleeping volcano.

Are There Any Stairs To Go In The Volcano?

No, there are no stairs or lifts to enter the volcano. We will use an open lift.

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