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Adults kr. 3300

  • 15 years old or older
    Children FREE
  • 14 years old or younger
    Seniors Kr.2300
  • 67+ and people with disabilities
    Gift Cards Kr.3300
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    Multi-pass 24600
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  • Swimsuit rent900 ISK
  • Towel rent900 ISK

Secret Lagoon

The Secret Lagoon, which is also called Gamla Laugin in Icelandic, is the oldest swimming pool in Iceland. It was built in 1891 at Hverahólmi, a geothermal area near Flúðir.

The warm water from the hot springs is what makes our place unique due to its abundant natural resources.

Image by Jenna Morrissey

Vaðmálahver, Básahver, and Litli Geysir are active geysers that spout every few minutes and are responsible for providing 100% of the water supply in the lagoon, showing off for the guests.

The pool's water is constantly flowing and it gets completely replaced every 24 hours. It is warm, clean, and sulfur-rich, maintaining a temperature of 38-40 Celsius throughout the year. It's a relaxing and healthy activity you can enjoy in any weather.

We've preserved the natural and unique features of Secret Lagoon to provide you with an amazing experience of an authentic Icelandic experience.

The Secret Lagoon Iceland is a stunning thermal pool located in an area with high geothermal activity. You can see steam rising from natural hot springs. The pool is located on the Golden Circle Area route, so you can easily combine both attractions. You can visit three of Iceland's most well-known natural wonders and enjoy soaking in a warm pool.

Image by Jenna Morrissey

The Secret Lagoon can be found in Flúði, a small village in an area with a lot of geothermal activity. The hot spring's temperature stays at a comfortable 38/40 °C all year round, making it a pleasant place to visit no matter when you go. In addition to the pool, visitors can enjoy walking paths, geothermal hot spots, and a small geyser that erupts approximately every five minutes.

You can't miss Iceland's oldest swimming pool, which has a unique setting with a small two-door shack on its northern edge. While the shack used to be the changing room, it has now been upgraded to include lockers, comfortable changing rooms, showers, a bar, and eating areas. Don't forget to check out this hidden gem!

Secret Lagoon – History

For generations, people have enjoyed bathing in the warm waters of Hverahólmi. In the past, it was also used for washing clothes at Vaðmálahver. Additionally, the Flúðir community held their legislative meetings there until 1894. It was also the location of the first swimming lessons in Iceland, which began in 1909 at Gamla Laugin and continued annually until 1947.

Gamla Laugin was forgotten since 1947 until an idea emerged in 2005 to revive it. It took several years to make it comfortable yet still authentic.

Finally, on June 7th, 2014, Secret Lagoon was joyfully opened.

Geothermal Area

The Secret Lagoon has several hot springs like Vaðmálahver, Básahver, and Litli Geysir, along eating area with other smaller springs with hot water coming out from the ground. The pool is surrounded by a walkway, allowing you to safely observe the boiling geysers and springs.


Most Icelanders refer to Secret Lagoon as "Gamla Laugin," which translates to The Old Pool. However, prior to the increase in tourism, fewer individuals were aware of its existence, resulting in the pool being dubbed The Secret Lagoon.

The pool in Flúðir was established in 1891 and swimming lessons were first offered there in 1909. The new pool greatly enhanced the lives of the town's residents by providing a place to relax and unwind from their strenuous work.

A brand new facilities and swimming pool was opened in Flúðir in 1947, and as a result, the original pool was largely forgotten. However, in the 2000s, people began to remember the pool, which is now one of Iceland's most popular attractions. Despite being renovated since 1891, the pool has retained its original appearance thanks to a commitment to preservation. You can observe this by comparing photographs from different eras.


The Secret Lagoon is located in Flúðir, South Iceland which is around 97.5 kilometers (60.5 miles) away from Reykjavík and approximately 47 kilometers (29.2 miles) away from Selfoss. It is situated on the Golden Circle route and is a great addition to your travel itinerary if you are planning on visiting this famous tour.

Other nearby attractions include Friðheimar Tomato and Horse Farm at Reykholt and Skálholt Historical Church Site.

GPS coordinates of Secret Lagoon: 64.1374° N, 20.3094° W


To reach the Secret Lagoon, you can join one of our Secret Lagoon Tours or drive there yourself by renting a car. If you choose to drive, the trip from Reykjavík to the Secret Lagoon should take around 1.5 hours without any stops. Simply drive out of Reykjavík through Norðlingaholt, take road 1 over Hellisheiði heath, and continue into Hveragerði - the geyser town!

As you approach Selfoss, you can choose between two routes. The first option is to turn left towards Laugarvatn and continue on road 35. You will pass by Kerið Volcanic Crater and Reykholt until you can make a right turn onto road 359, a walking path which will take you directly to your destination.

To get to the Secret Lagoon from Selfoss, take a left on road 30 and drive through the fertile countryside until you reach Flúðir. If you're driving from Vík, follow road 1 past Skógafoss and Seljalandsfoss waterfalls, then through Hvolsvöllur and Hella. Take a right on road 30 and continue until you reach Flúðir for a visit to the Secret Lagoon.


woman, vacation, swimming pool
  • A Swimsuit
  • A Towel
  • Shampoo (& Conditioner, if you use)
  • Some money
  • Waterproof casing for your phone/camera
  • Sandals are great!


If you plan to visit the Secret Lagoon in Iceland, there are some important traditions and rules to be aware of. Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind.

  • Before entering the pool, you must take a shower without any clothes on, meaning you must be completely naked.
  • To prepare for swimming in the warm pool, it's important to drink plenty of water beforehand to stay hydrated.
  • It is not recommended to wear silver jewelry in water.
  • The Secret Lagoon has a uniform depth, reaching up to the hips or chest for most standing adults.


Winter season

*from 1st of October to 31st of May

Open daily from 10:00 to 19:00

Summer season

*from 1st of June to 30th of September

Open daily from 10:00 to 20:00


You can now use the new facility located next to the swimming pool. The showers are designed in traditional Icelandic style and are separate for men and a shower naked women. While our Bistro offers snacks and drinks, please be informed that we do not offer warm meals.



  • Icelandair Hotel Flúðir
  • The 5 Million Star Hotel


  • Efra-Sel Hostel

Guesthouses, B&Bs and Farmstays

  • Garður Stay Inn
  • Guesthouse Flúðir
  • Skyggnir Bed and Breakfast
  • Guesthouse Dalbær
  • Auðsholt 2
  • Austurbyggð 3
  • Brekkugerði Guesthouse
  • Laugaras Homestay
  • Guesthouse Saga
  • Guesthouse Fagrilundur
  • Aska Guesthouse
  • The White House Inn
  • Husid Guesthouse

Guest House

There is a house in Garður that has a significant history in the neighborhood. It currently offers 4 double bedrooms for rent and provides private bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, laundry facilities, and access to the pool during the regular opening hours of the Secret Lagoon for guests.



restaurant, table setting, table
  1. Litli Fiskikofinn / Secret Fish Cabin – The fish and chips that people are talking about are located near the entrance of the Secret Lagoon and are served from 12 pm to 8 pm.
  2. Restaurant Icelandair Hotel Flúðir – Our restaurant, A La Carte, serves a delicious menu featuring traditional dishes with a modern twist. We are open for dinner from 6:30 pm to 9 pm.
  3. Kaffihus Grund – The restaurant has fantastic reviews for its delicious food with a great variety.
  4. Sindri Bakari & Café – Our bakery offers both a welcoming atmosphere and delicious pastries. We are open from 9 am to 5 pm.
  5. I-C-Food Café and Restaurant – This offers a unique pizza menu, along with traditional Icelandic dishes, and has a cozy atmosphere. It is open for lunch on weekdays from Monday to Friday.
  6. Minilik Ethiopian Restaurant – The restaurant in the countryside is unusual but serves delicious food.
  7. Kaffi-Sel –There are excellent vegan options of various types and quality available at the golf course.
  8. Fludasveppir Farmers Bistro – If you're looking for a delicious restaurant that features mushroom-based dishes, check out Flúðir. They specialize in vegetables and mushrooms, so it's definitely worth a visit! They're open from 12 pm to 5 pm.
  9. Friðheimar Tomato Farm – There is a restaurant that focuses on Organic tomato Farm-based dishes, including soup and beer. They also offer tours of a horse farm and tomato plantation. The restaurant is open from 12 to 4 pm.


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Flúðir Camping Ground

The facilities available in the area are: hot and cold running water, toilets, showers, electricity (charged at 1000 ISK per day), washers (at 300 ISK), dryers (at 300 ISK), waste disposals, a restaurant, a sports area, a swimming pool, a hot tub, a golf course, a playground, and several walking paths. Additionally, there is WIFI access available at a charge of 500 ISK for 75 hours.

Price: 1750 ISK per adult per night.

Open: 15th of May to the 15th of September.

GPS Coordination: 64.1365231 N,-20.3286664 W


We kept it unique for you

Secret Lagoon welcomes individuals of all ages, genders, and nationalities who wish to experience tranquility and rejuvenation for their mind and body. We highly value Icelandic customs and culture and appreciate visitors who also do so. As caretakers of this beautiful location, we are dedicated to preserving its natural essence. Visit Secret Lagoon for an encounter with unspoiled nature.


blue lagoon, thermal pool, hydrotherapy

The Secret Lagoon and the Blue Lagoon are both in active geothermal areas in Iceland, but the surroundings differ. The Secret Lagoon is situated in a lush green valley, while the Blue Lagoon is in the midst of a rugged lava field.

The Blue Lagoon and Mývatn Nature Baths are known for their unique turquoise blue color and cold water, which is caused by the presence of algae and silica. In contrast, the Secret Lagoon has regular clear water. However, the water temperature at both locations is around 40°c (104 Fahrenheit).

iceland, nature, blue lagoon

You can visit both places in a day tour from Reykjavík. Each place has its own unique features and differs from a traditional Icelandic swimming pool. Keep in mind that the cost may be higher due to these distinctive attributes.

While the Secret Lagoon's starting price is lower than that of the Blue Lagoon, the latter offers better quality changing facilities, saunas, restaurants, and steam rooms.

Interesting Things about Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is known for its warm water that is said to have healing properties for skin conditions like psoriasis and acne. It is significantly larger than the Secret Lagoon and features multiple geothermal pools, two hotels, saunas, a steam bath, a cafeteria, and a fancy restaurant, as well as a gift shop that sells their own skincare line. On the other hand, the Secret Lagoon only has one geothermal pool and a cafeteria.

iceland, nature, blue lagoon

The Secret Lagoon dates back to 1891, but in 1992 it was relocated away from the Geothermal Energy plant and renamed the Blue Lagoon.

Comparing these two is difficult because they are completely different from each other.

The Blue Lagoon is actually a spa where you can spend a day or two. You can enjoy treatments, fancy meals, and even stay at their luxury hotels.

The Lagoon is a small and charming pool that is popular among the locals. The entire experience usually takes around 1-3 hours, but it is a great additional destination to include in your itinerary along with other activities in South Iceland or on the Golden Circle route.

It is recommended to visit both places because there is a significant difference between them.


lagoon, ice, glacier

Soaking in a hot spring during winter is an unforgettable experience. The hot fumes from the springs mix with the crisp winter air, creating a sublime atmosphere. You'll be surrounded by rising smoke and trees covered in sparkly frosted ice while comfortably soaking in the warm water.

The natural warmth of the hot spring remains constant, even during the coldest months, making it an authentic and enjoyable experience.

Before embarking on a self-drive excursion to the Secret Lagoon, make sure to check the road conditions. If you are not accustomed to driving in Nordic winter conditions, it may be wise to opt for a guided tour instead.


If you're looking for a tour that includes history, nature, and relaxing hot spring bathing, our Golden Circle and Secret Lagoon Tour from Reykjavík is the perfect choice! During this tour, you'll visit Þingvellir (Thingvellir) in Þingvellir National Park, which is the site of one of the oldest democratic parliaments in the world.

You'll also have the chance to witness some amazing geology as you marvel at the unique landscape created by the slowly moving Eurasian and North American tectonic plates, which have created a rift valley. You'll also get to visit the Geysir hot spring area and see the impressive Strokkur erupt.

geyser, spring, strokkur

Experience the incredible power and natural beauty of of Gullfoss, which has been ranked among the top ten waterfalls by World of Waterfalls. To top off your day, unwind with a soothing soak in a natural hot spring amidst breathtaking surroundings.

You can combine the Secret Lagoon experience with a Jet Boat ride through the Brúarhlöð Canyon leading up to the popular Gullfoss waterfall. Enjoy a thrilling high-speed ride along the stream in the beautiful Icelandic scenery before a relaxing soak in a magical hot spring pool. This tour offers the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation.

huka falls, huka river, jet boat

You can discover the Secret Lagoon by joining some of our top multi-day tours. Simply scroll down the page to view your options.


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The Secret Lagoon is situated in the charming village of Flúðir within the Golden Circle region. This area boasts numerous fascinating attractions worth exploring. here are a few examples:

  • Minilik Ethiopian Restaurant
  • Selsvöllur Golf Course
  • Friðheimar Tomato and Horse Farm
  • Slakki Zoo
  • Flúðasveppir Farmers Bistro
  • Flúðir Swimming Pool
  • Faxi Waterfall
  • Reykholt Hot Springs
  • Skálhot Historical Church Site
  • Drumbó River Base
  • Brúarfoss Waterfall
  • Geysir Hot Springs
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Sólheimar Eco Village
  • Kerið Volcanic Crater

Visit the Secret Lagoon With GOLDEN CIRCLE DAY TOURS

We have the perfect tour for you by Golden Circle Day Tours!

Golden Circle Secret Lagoon Tour

This guided tour will take you to the Secret Lagoon along with Gullfoss, Thingvellir National Park, and Geysir Geothermal Area.

  • Price: ISK 14900 Per Person
  • Duration: 8 Hours
  • Starts From: Reykjavik

For more details, click here!


Can you swim in the Secret Lagoon Iceland?

There are more places for children than swimming in the water. It is less accessible than the Blue Lagoon, and wheelchair users are welcome on the terrace to the calm waters in the pool.

How long do you get in the Secret Lagoon?

Secret Lagoon has a maximum time limit allowing you for your entire time of operation if you wish. Normally they spend around 1.5 to 2.5 hours in this heat source.

How long can I stay in Secret Lagoon?

Secret Lagoon has a maximum duration of ten minutes so you can visit it anytime you want to. Typically they spend between 1.5 and 2.5 hours at these warm springs.

What is the temp of the Secret Lagoon?

However, Secret lagoon was modified to accommodate larger numbers. The water has been heated all year by natural soil and by geothermal energy and remains at 38-40°C.