Golden Circle & Whale Watching

Experience the Golden Circle in a new way with a Whale Watching Golden Circle Tour! Whether you want to experience some of Iceland’s most beautiful and iconic locations or explore its wildlife, this 10-hour tour has it all.

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Exploring Golden Circle & Whale Watching - Best Of The Both Worlds!

This tour offers the best of both worlds! Take a thrilling whale-watching tour to observe nature's beauty up close. See various species of whales, dolphins, and other sea life in their natural habitat.

For centuries, whales have held a significant place in Iceland's history and culture. A living testament to this is the Icelandic phrase 'hvalreki' which translates literally to 'beached whale', referring to the good luck of finding such an immense mammal pushed ashore.

For centuries, Icelanders have engaged in both fishing and whaling. Nowadays, however, these majestic ocean creatures are widely admired from a distance. Whale watching should be at the top of any itinerary for an Icelandic vacation; it complements other must-see destinations such as hot springs, and glaciers, and witnessing the awe-inspiring Northern Lights.

Up next, is yet another experience of a lifetime. Explore some of Iceland’s most iconic locations on the Golden Circle Tour including Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss waterfall, and the Geysir geothermal area. These 3 locations will offer the best of Iceland.

Golden Circle & Whale Watching Tour Itinerary

This exciting tour will begin from Reykjavik and here is how it will go:

A Whale Heaven At Faxaflói Bay!

Our first stop will be Faxaflói Bay.

Faxaflói bay is a haven for birds, with their population constantly teeming and vibrant throughout the year. However, this beauty truly culminates during late winter when Capelin arrive in droves to feast on the nutrient-rich waters of Faxaflói Bay.

This remarkable sight draws thousands of feathered creatures alongside awe-inspiring whales that decide to join in - making your Golden Circle & Whale Watching tour even more extraordinary! It is a sight to behold to watch the biggest creatures of marine life out of the water. You will see all sorts of whales including Harbor porpoises, minke whales, and humpback whales. If you are lucky, you can also spot some white-beaked dolphins.

Experiencing The "Whales Of Iceland" Exhibition

After whale watching in their natural habitat, be sure to take the family to the "Whales of Iceland Exhibition", Europe's largest display featuring up-close and life-size replicas of 25 whale species native to Icelandic waters. It's an amazing show for kids (and adults!) alike - we highly recommend it!

Let The Glory Of The Golden Circle Begin!

Following an unforgettable experience whale watching on the Golden Circle & Whale Watching tour, you'll have the opportunity to explore Iceland's most celebrated natural attractions along the magnificent golden circle tour.

Thingvellir National Park - The Centuries-Old Icelandic Parliament

Join us on an incredible journey to the historic Þingvellir National Park, where you can explore Iceland's sensational culture and its remarkable geological wonders. Nestled in a rift valley between two tectonic plates—the Eurasian and North American ones—Þingvellir is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to uncover why this nation is so unique.

Not only is the Þingvellir National Park labeled a UNESCO World Heritage, but it also holds historical significance - Althing, Iceland's parliament.

It was established in this park in 930 AD. To commemorate its 1000th anniversary of existence. It was declared a national park back in 1930 and today boasts being home to Iceland's largest lake, Þingvallavatn.

Time For The Gullfoss Waterfall

Next on our Golden Circle route is the magnificent Gullfoss Waterfall. Gullfoss (Golden Falls) is an awe-inspiring waterfall, its name deriving from the golden hue of its waters as they froth and swirl with silt and sediment.

Gullfoss, a majestic series of waterfalls cascading down the Hvitá river, is fed by Langjökull glacier - Iceland's second largest. With two tiers measuring 11 and 21 meters high respectively, Gullfoss stands at a staggering 32 meters tall in total.

Our knowledgeable tour guide will be sure to share some of the fascinating stories surrounding how it got its name during your visit! And don't forget - you'll have ample opportunity for lunch or any other breaks you may need while exploring this natural wonder thanks to Gullfoss Café located onsite.

Cherishing The Warmth Of Geysir Geothermal Area

Witness the spectacular Strökkur geyser erupting every 6-10 minutes at Geysir Geothermal Area! Aside from this majestic phenomenon, explore and bask in the beauty of its infamous hot springs, bubbling cauldrons, and steaming pools that adorn this breathtaking landscape.

Take a tour with us to the Haukadalur valley and get immersed in the Geysir Geothermal Area, where you will be surrounded by an array of vibrant colors and invigorating smells.

Don't forget that all this geothermal activity across (and beneath) Iceland is what makes it possible for hot tubs, swimming pools, greenhouses, and energy sources to existing! Get ready to step into a world of unseen wonders!


  • Free Wifi onboard
  • Round-trip transportation
  • Complimentary pick-up
  • Reliable coaches
  • Professional tour guides
  • Tour Coordination in English
  • Complimentary 10% discount at Glima Restaurant and Gullfoss Cafe

Good To Know

  • If you don't get the chance to witness any whales or dolphins during your tour, never fear! We offer a complimentary ticket for you to join our tour again at no cost.
  • For part of this journey, our partners will be providing you with the best experiences.
  • Many of the tours stops offer clean and accessible restroom facilities.

Important Pick-Up Info

  • To maximize the efficiency of our pick-up process, we kindly request that you remain at your hotel, guest house, or designated bus stop as soon as collection commences.
  • Guests for this trip will be picked up at the Ægisgarður pier located in Reykjavik Harbour and shuttled to the departure point.
  • Passengers should board their shuttles 45 minutes prior to the scheduled tour departure for optimal timing.
  • Following the Golden Circle Tour, customers are brought back to their pick-up point or the closest available area.


Is this tour suitable for kids and pregnant women?

This tour is safe for kids. However, it is advised not to have pregnant women onboard for this trip.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

Yes, the minimum age to join this tour is 4 years old.

Is there any onboard entertainment?

Yes, we offer free wifi for the guests. We also have experienced tour guides onboard to inform you about the attractions. The vehicle itself will be equipped with audio-visual equipment to ensure maximum comfort while traveling.

What if we are not able to go for the whale-watching tour due to bad weather?

If the weather doesn't permit us to go whale watching, we offer a complimentary ticket for you to join our tour again at no cost.

Is whale watching a dangerous activity?

Whale watching is a very safe activity if you stay within the regulations and instructions of your tour guide. Our experienced guides will ensure that you have a pleasant and safe experience.

Do I need to bring any special gear for this tour?

No, you don’t need to bring any special gear or equipment as we provide all the necessary gear for this tour. However, we recommend you dress warmly and bring a waterproof jacket and extra layers for protection against the elements.

Do I need to pay extra for whale watching?

No, the whale-watching tour is included in the Golden Circle Tour package.

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