Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour - Traditional Icelandic Food

Indulge in a truly authentic Icelandic experience with our Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour! Savour the flavours of traditional Icelandic cuisine as you taste at least 10 different dishes, all while discovering the rich history and culture of the city with one of our expert and fun-loving local guides.

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Savour the Rich Flavors of Iceland's Heritage Cuisine on Reykjavik's Food Tour

Step into the gastronomic world of Reykjavik and experience the authentic flavours of Iceland. Our Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour is a sensory adventure, where you'll savour at least 10 traditional dishes while being transported by the rich culture and traditions of this fascinating country.

Uncover the Stories Behind Iceland's Cuisine

Get ready to uncover the captivating history behind Iceland's cuisine as you wander the charming city centre, learning about the food habits of the Vikings and how Iceland's culinary landscape has evolved into what it is today. Our passionate guides will bring the culture of Iceland to life, creating a memorable tour that is not just about food but also entertainment and education.

We've handpicked the finest local restaurants to provide you with the ultimate foodie experience, and our 5-star rated tour will showcase a delicious mix of traditional flavours. And for beer enthusiasts, be sure to pair this tour with our Reykjavik Beer Tour for the full Icelandic experience.

Arrive with an appetite! This tour is perfect for food lovers who want to delve deeper into Iceland's history, culture, and, of course, its mouth-watering cuisine. While traditional Icelandic food focuses on meat, fish, and dairy, we can adapt the tastings to suit most dietary needs.

Get Your Taste Buds Ready

  • Arrive with a big appetite, ready to indulge in the rich flavours of Iceland

  • Small-group tour ensures a personal and intimate experience

  • Kids 7-15 get a 50% discount

  • Children under 6 join for free!

  • Your knowledgeable local guide will bring the culture and stories of Iceland to life

  • Ask your guide anything about the food, traditions and history of Iceland

Tour Highlights

  • Savour the authentic taste of at least ten traditional Icelandic dishes

  • Explore the charming old city centre of Reykjavik with expert fun-loving local guides

  • Get tips and recommendations on food, fun and drinks for the rest of your stay

  • Perfect for all ages, with a leisurely walk between destinations

Tour itinerary

Join us on a tantalizing tour through the heart of Reykjavik as we sample the best of Iceland's traditional cuisine. From the freshest seafood to classic lamb dishes, we'll make sure you leave feeling satisfied and fully immersed in Icelandic culture.

Start: Meet up at Ingolfur Square 5 minutes before the start of the tour

Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Stop 1: Reykjavik Harbor

Savor the flavors of Iceland with a bowl of rich and hearty shellfish soup. This is just the start of a delicious journey.

Stop 2: Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

Get a taste of Reykjavik's most famous food item – the Icelandic lamb hot dog. We'll be visiting the original food stall from 1937, so don't miss out!

Stop 3: Local Supermarket

Take a look inside a local supermarket and discover some of Iceland's unique snacks, sweets, and other delicious treats.

Stop 4: Icelandic Bar

Warm up with a classic bowl of Icelandic lamb soup and sample a variety of traditional dishes.

Stop 5: Café Loki

End the tour on a sweet note with a visit to Café Loki, where we'll sample some of Iceland's most unique delicacies, including rye bread ice cream. Top it all off with an Icelandic drink of your choice, either alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

*Note: If visiting on a weekend, we'll also add a fun stroll through the authentic small food market inside the Reykjavik Flea Market. Here, we'll explore all kinds of traditional Icelandic foods together. Keep in mind the Reykjavik Flea Market is only open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 5 pm.

Departure details:

Join us at the bustling Ingólfur Square in the heart of Reykjavík, located at the intersection of Austurstræti, Aðalstræti, Hafnarstræti, Veltusund, and Vallarstræti. To reach the square, simply follow the main shopping street, Laugavegur, straight down until you reach the lively square surrounded by the Center Hotel Plaza and Kvosin, a small grocery market. Don't let the tricky Icelandic street names deter you – use Google Maps or a similar navigation tool to reach us with ease.

What's Included in Your Food Adventure:

No hidden fees, all taxes, handling charges and more are taken care of

You'll be sipping and savoring local drinks throughout the tour

An opportunity to taste a variety of Icelandic cuisine

Guided by a seasoned local expert

The tour culminates with a special Icelandic drink to celebrate your food journey.

What to Note:

Hotel pick-up and drop-off are not part of the tour

Tipping your guide is not included, but always appreciated if you have a great time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour?

Ans: The tour includes a guided food experience in the old Reykjavik city centre, where you will get to try at least 10 traditional Icelandic foods. Expert local guides will lead the tour and provide tips on food, fun, and drink for the rest of your stay in Reykjavik.

Who are the tour guides for the Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour?

Ans: The tour is led by expert local guides who are fun-loving and knowledgeable about Iceland's food culture.

Is the Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour suitable for all ages?

Ans: Yes, the tour is suitable for all ages and is an easy walk between the places you will be visiting. Children 7-15 years old get a 50% discount, while children under 6 years old can join the tour for free.

How many people will be on the tour?

Ans: The tour is designed to be a small-group experience, ensuring a more personal and intimate tour.

Can the tour be customized to meet dietary needs?

Ans: Yes, the tour can be adapted to meet most dietary needs. However, traditional Icelandic food tends to be focused on meat, fish, and dairy.

How long is the Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour?

Ans: The tour is designed to be a leisurely experience, with no set time limit. However, the stops on the tour will vary depending on the day and time of the tour.

Is it possible to book a private Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour?

Ans: Yes, private Reykjavik Food Tours are available for those who want more control over their tour experience.

What kind of information can I expect to learn on the Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour?

Ans: The tour provides an opportunity to learn about Iceland's history, culture, and cuisine. You will learn about traditional Icelandic food, including what the Vikings ate, and how Icelanders have survived harsh winters. You will also learn about the evolution of Icelandic cuisine and the boundary-pushing young chefs who are bringing innovation to traditional Icelandic produce.

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