Explore Golden Circle & Langjökull on a Monster Truck

Set off on an Icelandic adventure of a lifetime! Explore the majestic Thingvellir and ride atop the vast Langjökull glacier in our robust monster truck. Capture memories and moments; book your epic tour now!

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Experience the true essence of Iceland in a way you've never imagined. Begin your journey by witnessing the age-old dance of the Geysir, where steam and water erupt from the earth in a mesmerizing display. Let the sight and sound of the mighty Gullfoss waterfall captivate your senses as you feel the cool mist on your face, reminding you of nature's overwhelming beauty. As you delve deeper into the Icelandic landscape, the historic beauty of Thingvellir will unfold before you, narrating tales of Earth's ever-shifting tectonic plates and the ancient gatherings of Iceland's parliament.

But, just when you think you've seen all that Iceland has to offer, prepare yourself for a twist. The serene and expansive Langjokull Glacier awaits, but this isn't a simple walk on the ice. Feel your heart race as you board a massive monster truck, the vehicle of choice for this glacial adventure. The contrast of the truck's power against the delicate and ancient ice beneath creates an experience unlike any other. This journey promises not only the beauty of nature but also the thrill of the ride. So, why wait? Dive deep into the heart of Iceland with us. Book your spot now and ensure you don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime. Don't just see Iceland, live it.

Tour Itinerary

  1. Thingvellir National Park 

Start your journey by immersing yourself in the wonders of Thingvellir National Park. Known as both a historical and geological marvel, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a testament to the ever-changing nature of our planet. It's here that the American and Eurasian tectonic plates drift apart, slowly reshaping the world beneath our feet, centimetre by centimetre, year after year. The park is a living canvas of Earth's untamed power and beauty.

  1. Geysir: The Fountainhead of All Geysers

Next, we're off to the spot called Geysir. This is where all those water-spouting things around the world got their name from. The main Geysir is taking a break now, but its friend Strokkur is all active and ready to put on a show. Every few minutes, it shoots up water high. You'll want to have your cameras ready for this; it's like nature's very own fountain show.

  1. Gullfoss: The Golden Delight

Now, imagine the sound of a huge amount of water falling, the splash, the mist, and the rainbow if you're lucky. That's Gullfoss or 'Golden Falls' for you. It’s not just any waterfall; it’s one that takes a deep dive into a hole. The sound, the sight, and the feel of the mist will make you appreciate nature's power and beauty.

  1. Langjökull Glacier

After a good look at the waterfall, around 1 pm, we'll head for something entirely different. We drive closer to Langjökull glacier, a vast icy wonder. Here, a big monster truck named Sleipnir will be waiting. Climbing aboard, we'll venture over the glacier. You'll learn cool stuff about glaciers, and guess what? You can even taste some really cold and refreshing glacier water!

Hidden Ice Cave: A Cool Bonus (from October to March)

For those venturing between October and March, an added treat awaits! We'll escort you to an exquisite discovery – the enchanting Ice Cave. However, as nature remains unpredictable, especially in the heart of winter, we urge you to note that the Ice Cave experience is subject to weather conditions and may be cancelled even after our departure from Gullfoss.

The day concludes with memories etched for a lifetime, as we depart Gullfoss at 17:30, setting course back to Reykjavík.

Ready to explore these wonders? Book your spot now! Let’s make your visit to Iceland truly unforgettable.

Included in Your Tour:

  • Transportation by bus
  • Expert tour guidance
  • A comprehensive 4-hour adventure to Langjökull (this duration covers travel to and from Gullfoss)
  • Crampons for secure walking on icy terrains

Preparation & Recommendations:

  • Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions.
  • Essentials to consider include a warm outfit, a rainproof jacket, and dependable footwear.
  • On colder days, consider packing thermal innerwear, snug socks, and don't forget a hat, scarf, and gloves for added warmth.
  • The tour isn’t suitable for children aged 5 or under.

Note: The actual execution of this tour is reliant on the glacier's conditions. It's essential to note that sudden shifts in weather might lead to the monster truck's segment of the tour being called off, even after the tour has set out from Reykjavík. Safety first!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the tour?

Ans: The tour is meticulously planned to last 10 hours, offering participants enough time to truly immerse themselves in each breathtaking location, appreciate the sights, and even capture those picture-perfect moments.

Q: In what language will the tour be conducted?

Ans: Our well-trained and knowledgeable guides conduct the tour in English. This ensures that participants from all over the world can engage, understand, and truly enjoy the detailed narratives and intriguing stories associated with each site.

Q: Can I book this tour throughout the year?

Ans: Absolutely! This tour is designed to showcase Iceland's magnificent beauty in every season. Whether it's the mystical auroras of winter or the endless daylight of summer, there's always something special to experience.

Q: Is there an age limit for participants?

Ans: For the overall safety and enjoyment of the tour, we recommend it for individuals who are 6 years and older. This ensures that all participants get the most out of the experience while adhering to safety standards.

Q: Can I cancel my booking if I can't make it?

Ans: Of course. We understand that plans can change. The tour comes with a generous free cancellation policy. However, it's always a good idea to review the terms and conditions to understand any specific deadlines or conditions.

Q: Is the monster truck ride suitable for all ages?

Ans: The tour, including the monster truck ride, is open to those aged 6 and up. However, it's worth noting that while thrilling, the monster truck segment might feel intense for some. Our team is always on hand to ensure everyone's comfort and safety.

Q: What should I wear for the tour?

Ans: Given Iceland's ever-changing weather, dressing in layers is key. Ensure you have sturdy shoes to tread comfortably. A waterproof jacket will be your best friend, especially when you're up close to the glacier's misty environs.

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