langjökull Glacier Snowmobile Tour From Gullfoss

Take a snowmobile ride of a lifetime with our super truck transfer from Gullfoss! For those who have their own transportation and want to add something special to the Golden Circle, this is an excellent choice. Experience the majestic Langjökull glacier and its unique surroundings on a snowmobile adventure in the Icelandic highlands with professional guides.

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Per Person
Tour Starts:
12:00 & 14:00
Langjokull Glacier
Max Guests
4 Hours

Embark on an exhilarating journey with the Langjökull Glacier Snowmobile Tour from Gullfoss, a perfect addition to your Golden Circle itinerary. This adventure begins with a remarkable supertruck transfer from the iconic Gullfoss Waterfall, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. As you traverse through the Icelandic highlands, prepare to be mesmerized by the vast, Mars-like landscapes that lead to the majestic Langjökull Glacier, Iceland's second-largest ice cap.

Our professional, English-speaking guides ensure a safe and thrilling ride, catering to both beginners and seasoned snowmobile enthusiasts. The tour offers not just a ride, but an immersive adventure into Iceland's stunning natural beauty, highlighted by the glacier's imposing presence and the serene, snow-covered expanses.

langjökull Glacier Snowmobile Tour

Your adventure continues as you mount your snowmobile, an experience designed for those with a valid driver's license and a love for unique adventures. Feel the rush of gliding over the ice and snow of Langjökull, exploring areas inaccessible by foot. This tour is ideal for those who have their own transportation and are looking to add an extraordinary element to their Icelandic journey. Suitable for small or large groups, the tour provides all necessary safety equipment, including helmets, and operates daily, ensuring flexibility for your travel plans. After an invigorating day of snowmobiling, unwind at the nearby Gullfoss Café, reflecting on the day's adventures.

Don't miss this chance to experience the thrill of a lifetime; book your Langjökull Glacier Snowmobile Tour from Gullfoss today and create memories that will last forever.

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What to Expect

  • Snowmobile ride across Langjokull, Iceland's majestic glacier
  • Monster truck journey through Icelandic highlands
  • Unique glacier rush experience
  • Designated meeting points for convenience
  • Same pickup and drop-off locations
  • Exploration of Mars-like landscapes
  • Guidance by professional, English-speaking guides
  • Safety equipment, including helmets, provided

Langjökull Glacier Snowmobile Tour Itinerary

Langjökull Glacier Snowmobile

Pre-Tour Gathering (11:45 AM - 12:00 PM)

  • Arrival at Gullfoss: Guests arrive at the designated parking area.
  • Check-in: Participants check in with our tour guides, ensuring all are present and accounted for.
  • Briefing Session: A short briefing about the day's activities, safety protocols, and what to expect during the tour.

Transfer to Langjökull Glacier (12:00 PM - 12:45 PM)

  • Board the Monster Truck: Participants board the specially equipped monster truck for the journey.
  • Scenic Drive: Enjoy a picturesque drive through the Icelandic highlands, offering views of the unique landscapes.

Arrival and Preparation at Base Camp (12:45 PM - 1:00 PM)

  • Gear Up: On arrival at the base camp near Langjökull Glacier, guests are equipped with helmets and other necessary gear.
  • Snowmobile Orientation: A quick orientation session on how to operate the snowmobiles safely.

Snowmobile Adventure (1:00 PM - 2:30 PM)

  • Begin the Adventure: The group starts the snowmobile ride, traversing the glacier's vast expanse.
  • Explore the Glacier: Experience the thrill of riding across the ice, taking in the glacier's beauty and the surrounding Mars-like landscape.

Return to Base Camp (2:30 PM - 2:45 PM)

  • Wrap Up: After the snowmobile adventure, return to the base camp.
  • Equipment Return: Guests return their helmets and any other borrowed gear.

Monster Truck Ride Back (2:45 PM - 3:30 PM)

  • Departure from Glacier: Board the monster truck for the return journey.
  • Scenic Return Trip: Enjoy the landscapes once more as you head back to Gullfoss.

Arrival Back at Gullfoss (4:00 PM)

  • Tour Conclusion: The group arrives back at Gullfoss parking area.
  • Farewells: Time to say goodbye to the guides and fellow adventurers.

Important Note:

  • Participants should arrive at the meeting point 15 minutes before the scheduled start time for check-in.
  • Ensure you have a valid driver's license if you intend to operate a snowmobile.
  • Weather conditions in Iceland can change rapidly; dress accordingly and be prepared for an adventure in diverse weather scenarios.
Snowmobile Adventure

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the pickup location for the tour?

The pickup location for the tour is at the Gullfoss parking area. Please be at the designated meeting point 15 minutes before your scheduled tour start time.

Is Langjökull really the second-largest glacier in Iceland?

Yes, Langjökull is the second-largest glacier in Iceland. It offers a unique landscape, making it a prime location for a snowmobile adventure.

Are there daily departures for the tour?

Yes, we offer daily departures for the Langjökull Glacier Snowmobile Tour. The tour starts at two different times, 12:00 PM and 14:00 PM, providing flexibility for your travel plans.

Will we have professional guides during the tour?

Absolutely! Our tours are led by professional, English-speaking guides who are knowledgeable about the glacier and skilled in guiding you safely through the adventure.

What kind of vehicles are used to reach the glaciers?

We use specially equipped monster trucks for transportation to the glacier. These vehicles are designed to handle the rugged terrain of the Icelandic highlands and provide a safe and comfortable journey.

Are helmets and other safety equipment provided?

Yes, we provide all necessary safety equipment, including helmets. Safety is our top priority, and we ensure that all participants are properly equipped and briefed before starting the snowmobile adventure.

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